GT Radial Launches New Global Truck & Bus Website for 2015

GT Radial Launches New Global Truck & Bus Website for 2015

As part of an overall effort to continue strengthening the online experience for current and potential fleet customers, GT Radial is excited to announce the launch of the brand’s new Global Truck & Bus website , accessible at

GT Radial is embarking on a series of technical dealer support activities globally and locally to continue engaging truck and bus users with the brand. Building upon the recently launched GT Radial Global Passenger Car site (, this new initiative incorporates cutting-edge web components, as well as advanced truck and bus mapping that provides valuable guidance to fleets.

Highlighted features of the new Global Truck & Bus site include:

Advanced truck & bus tire segmentation and selection capabilities by vehicle type and tire specification, supported by a convenient front page tire search tool

Fully adaptable functionality for unique display on mobile phones, tablets, and all computers, designed for top-level flexibility for users on the go

“Why Choose GT Radial”, “About Us”, and “Commercial Tire Care” sections tailored specifically to the needs and desires of fleets

• A News & Media center that includes interactive content in one location, with updated stories, testimonials, social media, videos, and more

New design and simplified layout for faster and easier navigation, yet with more information to help users find exactly what they need

“As the GT Radial commercial tires continue to gain traction worldwide, we are focusing on giving fleets and drivers on the most optimal online user interface”, explains Chris Bloor, Executive Director of Commercial Tires. “With the increasing needs of convenience and information by consumers today, we want to clearly demonstrate to users the advantages of GT Radial commercial tires, as well as providing the best technical and application knowledge for our fleets’ needs”.

The introduction of the new GT Radial Global Truck & Bus website is just one component of a comprehensive fleet plan for online marketing and improving customer access to the brand worldwide. In addition, the company will be rolling out a further improved market presence, among other initiatives.

About GT Radial

GT Radial is a high-quality, fast-growing international brand being sold through an extensive sales and marketing network in more than 130 countries worldwide. With 60 years of heritage, GT Radial tires are supported by cutting-edge research and development capabilities, and modern manufacturing facilities that consistently produce the high quality products consumers expect.

GT Radial is committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality control and has obtained ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditation at all eight of its manufacturing plants, the international standard for quality manufacturing. In addition, all plants have obtained Environmental Management System accreditation. This commitment to quality has led GT Radial to receive multiple quality supplier awards from companies such as General Motors, and contributes to millions of satisfied customers across the world. GT Radial has R&D Centers in Germany, US, China, and Indonesia, as well as its own tire testing facility based at the internationally recognized Motor Industry Research Association in the U.K, which provide product development and evaluation capacity support to the extensive GT Radial development and sales network.