Demas Agil Shining in IXOR Series 4

JAKARTA - Speed Offroad Championship Event made by Sarana Media Nusantara named GT RADIAL SAVERO KOMODO Indonesia eXtreme Offroad Racing (IXOR) has completed the forth series.The Championship is supported by four automotive brands including GT Radial was held in Tuban on 13 - 14 September 2014 running successfully.

The weather was scorching plus thick dust spur accompany the offroader offroad vehicle on the Gedongombo Semanding circuit, Tuban, East Java for two days in a row. It is making some offroader lost time so it does not finish with maximum results. However, Demas Agil which uses GT Radial tires Savero Komodo Extreme won the first position in the class FFA2. GT Radial tiresSavero Komodo Extreme used by Demas was created specifically for the rugged off-road terrain. Design tread pattern that resembles a claw of ‘Komodo’ can grip the extreme rocky areas. In FFA1 class, champion position achieved by the new offroader Agus Sujarwo along with co-driver Bintang Dwi from BKW 18 team.

Meanwhile, the Jeep Cherokee driven by TB Adhi with M Redwan of rim HRVRT BGM-HBM finally managed to reach the podium in the class FFA3, and also won Best Overall. And lastly on the class FFA4, Rio Teguh with Akil of NAVSAT won the first position.

Demas Agil Shining in IXOR Series 4<br>

General Manager Sales and Retalil PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, Arijanto Notorahardjo as a provider of GT Radial tires Savero Komodo for the offroader proud to Demas victory. Instead, Arijanto amazed by the sportive mental of Rifat. "Congratulations to Demas, who went on to become the fastest in the FFA class 4 Cylinder, also to GT Radial Kiara who got the podium. In this difficult and challenging terrain remains to prove the greatness of GT Radial tires Savero Komodo as the mainstay of the offroader," said Arijanto.